What is Neighbourhood Watch ?

NHW is a structure to address the concerns of residents about crime and anti-social behaviour.  It does this through sharing crime prevention information and techniques, and working in partnership with others, e.g. the Police and local authorities.  It is community focused, and run by local volunteers, who decide their own priorities.

Like every other organisation NHW has had to make changes, and this ‘app’ is a local attempt to bring information in a more convenient form to all those residing and working in Hinckley, Leicester.

Physical security is one aspect of Community Safety, the other is social crime prevention and it is here Neighbourhood Watch offers a solution. You are 21% less likely to be burgled in a NHW area, than non-members persons living in similar households.

Crime Reduction and Neighbourhood Watch – FAQ’s.

What do we know of what residents want?

Simplistically, residents would like to:

a.    Stop burglary, damage, and disorder;

b.    Enjoy a high quality of life in their neighbourhood; and

c.    Enjoy a good relationship with their neighbours.

How do you reduce crime and improve the quality of life?

i.        Effective policing;

ii.        Crime Prevention; and

iii.        Neighbourhood Watch.

i.  Effective policing is a big factor in deterring thieves.  Policing is now largely ‘intelligence led’, emphasising the importance of reporting crime and suspicious activity.

Thieves will go where ‘crime pays’; don’t let Rutland become a soft touch.

ii.  Crime Prevention is probably the single biggest factor in crime reduction.  Residents and workers must take personal responsibility for their property and personal behaviour.

Research shows physical security has a major role in determining burglary rates.  A combination of four devices affords up to 50 times more protection than no security, they are:

·         External lights on a sensor;

·         Internal lights on a timer; and

·         Double or deadbolts on doors and window locks.

The latter are expensive so fix downstairs first.

See more specific information under Crime Prevention heading.

Communication for all.

Communication is the key element, and provides the information on which all residents and workers can base their decisions.  There is no single method to reach everyone.