Awareness for key less car owners

Car stop start system with finger pressing the button, horizontal image

High powered BMW’s, Mercedes, Audi’s, Ford Focus’, etc… are always sought after vehicles for the light fingered thief. The majority of these vehicles nowadays are also “key less” and are controlled by a fob instead. This fob sends a signal to the programmed vehicle and can be unlocked and driven away with it just sat in your pocket.

Unfortunately, with the technology of today, this fob can be manipulated by means of a magnified relay device that can be easily hidden in a backpack or a pocket. This relay is then used to pick up the signal from the vehicles fob and redirected to the car, fooling the vehicle to think the fob is nearby, unlocking the vehicle. Meaning the thief can take the vehicle without even having the fob.

Although the relay device signal can pass through doors, walls and windows, it cannot penetrate metal, so storing your keys inside a metal container, a signal blocking wallet, or even a microwave will safeguard your vehicle against an attack.

You can purchase a signal blocker pouch (or Faraday bag) for as little as £8 on Amazon, but do test it to ensure it is successful in blocking the signal. While it’s a good idea to store your keys away from the window or front door, think carefully before taking the keys upstairs or hiding them in the bedroom.

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