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All of us have skills and competences, which a totally voluntary organisation such as ours needs to continue.  Do you have any time to spare?  Would you be prepared to volunteer?

If we want Hinckley to remain an extremely pleasant place to live and work, it will not happen if everyone simply sits back and waits for others to deliver it; each needs to contribute in their own way.

Neighbourhood Watch is for everyone, young or old, and comes in many shapes and sizes.

The Hinckley NHW Association at ‘ email address here’,

‘’, or your local Beat Officer.

Everyone can make a difference.  Currently we particularly need support or administrators, so if you don’t wish to be directly involved in NHW but would like to help the organisation in some other way, please contact us at the above sites.

Why bother?

Crime may not be seen as a priority for many, so why, do they need to bother with Crime Prevention or Neighbourhood Watch?

Below are a number of reasons, but they can be summarised by the proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine’:

•If you or your family become a victim of crime, it will become much more than a statistic, no matter how low the aggregate figure.

•Crime is constantly changing, and goes up as well as down;

•Resource cuts and changing priorities for Police and other organisations, mean policing presence and styles will change e.g. cybercrime.

•Police–public interaction has declined from 43%>27% between 1981–2005/6.

•The attractions of our county mean it is a magnet for those relocating, which will change our demographics.

•Our society is changing, and we each need to do a little more simply to maintain the status quo.

•Not all crime costs are covered by insurance.  The average cost of burglary is £1752 per crime.

•If you buy a new house or Smartphone, you insure or maintain it, although statistically it is not likely to break down.  Why should your neighbourhood be less important?

Neighbourhood Watch Signs, stickers and logos.


Should you wish other material to help you start a scheme in Hinckley, please contact the Hinckley Neighbourhood Watch Association ‘’, or contact us via our app contact tab.

You can also contact ‘’